What Is Roku and What Are Its Features and Functions?

Roku is a streaming device that provides viewers a novel and unique approach to enjoying television viewing. Easy installation, setup and superb connectivity add to the ease and simplicity of enjoying hundreds of TV programs and shows. It requires an internet connection and it should be connected to the television. We at Boostmart are available for your convenience and any issues concerning setup, installation or connection is resolved by us instantly. All the user needs to do is call us at the toll-free number for Roku technical support on the number given on all the pages of our website. Each call for help is important to us and therefore, every call is attended to at the earliest.

The latest Roku device Roku 4 was released on 6 October 2015. The Roku device is made available to the customer along with a Roku remote. Some of the special features of the Roku Device that help to enhance viewing quality include:

The 4K video streaming capability which is the latest feature of the Roku device

The Roku Device is equipped with a Remote finder.

An improvement that empowers the Roku device and the Roku TV models is the inclusion of the Roku OS 8.1. This not only enhances the performance of the device but also fixes issues so that the quality of the streaming experience is enriched.

The Roku is equipped with a software that is updated to Roku OS 7

Roku Inquiry that makes it easy for the user to find the program that they might be interested in watching.

The private listening feature is also improved and updated in order to allow the user to listen to Roku device at a given point of time on multiple mobile devices.

The device is also equipped with a hardware that supports the Wi-Fi 802.11ac

The Roku devices offers the user to access channels numbering more than 4000.

The user may contact Roku customer support to enjoy channels like BBC iPlayer, Showtime, ITV Hub, All 4, STV Player, Demand 5 and Fandango NOW.

Roku offers two kinds of channels for the user to opt from. They are:

The private listening feature is also improved and updated in order to allow the user to listen to Roku device at a given point of time on multiple mobile devices.

Paid Channels: Some of the other highly enjoyable channels are available for a minimal amount payment.

Utilizing the on-screen console for Pursuit:

Once the “Home catch home” on your Roku remote is jammed in, press the “up”/ “Down” keys to explore and identify “Hunt”. Continue to search by typing the name of the movie, TV program, or some character of a movie or TV show and as the word or phrase is being typed out, a list of options is thrown out for the user to choose. Select the choice of interest and explore to know more about that choice. Any difficulty in search or choice is soon resolved for the user by our highly efficient and capable experts who are available on Contact Support 24/7. The users can contact the experts online through the Roku technical support number given on the pages of this website.

Extra Information:

If inadvertently, a channel on the survey is chosen, in particular one that is yet to be included in the Roku device, the user is likely to be inspired to add the channel in the device. Similarly, any review of a channel not included in the list is also likely to be quite inspiring. The device incorporates the channels chosen for future showings, and the device as well as the Roku television will tune in to the chosen station as and when the chosen channel is introduced.

Utilizing the Cell – phone for Pursuit:

The Roku portable application offers viewing on the mobile phone or tablet by accessing “What’s on or Stations”. Alternatively, the user may follow the guidelines given below:

“What’s On” symbol needs to be clicked to view the complete listing of channels that are indexed

If the user is interested in only the lists that are indexed, then the channel symbol must be clicked followed by the Channel Store.

On the “What’s on page”, an amplifying glass symbol is seen on the top of the page, which needs to be clicked.

Click “Search” available on the Channel Store page, the console shows up, the user can type out the name of the movie, TV program, Character or TV station that they wish to view and the Roku device will Hunt it out for the user. Once the chosen channel is seen, more options pop up and can be chosen further.

The user can view the latest current affairs and news by just entering the date that is the month and then the date should be entered. For e.g.: to view the news of 15 August, the user must enter 8 15 to be able to access the news from more than 12 news channels. A point to note here is that a space should be left between the month and the day entered.

The search engine in the Roku Device is also very versatile as all requests are catered to. For e.g.: if the user wishes to see movies of a particular actor, a voice request can be sent across like “show me films with xyz”, and all the films of the actors is listed out. The voice request can be issued with the help of a Roku portable application which is available free and with the help of a remote which is upgraded for Roku help.

For any issues or complications in function or operation, of the above capabilities, the user may contact the Roku technical support & service number. The Roku support number is a toll free number and is available on all the pages of this website. To resolve any issues related to the above, the user just needs to call us and our expert technicians and engineers are instantly on their way to help the user continue to enjoy their Roku Device.

So, why lose time? Call us on the number given and continue to enjoy the Roku device with no interruption.

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