As a service provider, our support offer all kinds support services for the different brands of devices that provide wholesome entertainment for the entire family. Our Tech Support service team is made up of highly qualified personnel with vast experience in the field of all the devices for which we offer support services. Some of the various devices for which we provide support for both customer service and technical service include:


Every Roku customer expects completely uninterrupted services from the device. However, though the device is technically advanced and sophisticated, it is at times prone to faults, which may be caused by a technical snag or an error caused by the user. Whatever the reason, our support team are available 24/7 all the year round to ensure that all the problems associated with the device and its operation is restored successfully for the user. Besides, its technical faults, our highly efficient Roku Support customer service is available at all times. The customer may contact us by email, chat or phone for Roku Support Services on the Roku Support Toll Free Number.

Alexa Echo

One of the most advanced and the latest state –of – the – art device, the Alexa Echo is rarely known to have issues with its function or operation. However, whenever it does, there is no cause for concern for the customer. Our support are just a call away and instant Alexa Echo Support Services can be availed for all types of problems faced by the user. Irrespective of whether the problems range from a starting issue, to a continuity problem, or from a problems related to signing up, activation of code or issues related to connecting of the TV to the device, all these problems are overcome by contacting the Alexa Echo Support Services, which is available 24/7 all the year round.

HP Printer

We at Boostmart.com cater to the customer’s need and provide HP Printer Support Services to overcome all problems related to the complete range of HP brands of printers. All are aware of the high quality of prints provided by the HP Printer. But at times there may be technical snags that can mar the quality of the text and the prints. Problems not only arise in the quality of the printed material, but other issues can crop up during installing the device, its setup, or its function, which the user may not be capable of handling or rectifying the issues. We have a highly efficient and well-coordinated team of experts who are just a call away for the customer to avail HP Printer support services.

Sonos Speaker

The Sonos Speakers are the most effective sound system offering the ultimate experience in music. The Sonos Speakers are highly user – friendly and is easy to install. Usually the customers can install and setup the device by themselves. However, sometimes there may be technical and non-technical snags that can wreck the user’s listening experience. These technical snags are easily overcome with a call to the Sonos Speakers Support Number given on the website. By calling the Sonos Tech support Toll-Free Number, we are available instantly to ensure that no time is lost in restoring the function of the Sonos Speakers. Call us, email us or chat with us, for instant Sonos support solutions.

Hulu Channel

A video streaming service providing latest episodes of TV shows, movies and other original programs shown on TV. It can be quite frustrating for the user, if in the process of the show being telecast, it just shuts down or outages occur. It is for this reason that our support offer both technical and non-technical support services for Hulu. Whether it is an interruption of programs and shows, problems with installation and setup, or activating the code all these problems are resolved by our Hulu Support engineers and technicians, the moment we receive a call from our customers. The modes of contact include, email, chat and the Hulu Tech Support Toll-free number, all of which are given on our website.

Netflix Channel

One of the most in-demand digital media where the latest movies, and the original web series or movies can be seen, Netflix is today a very popular platform for movie buffs. But this enjoyment can be impaired by the various technical and non-technical problems that arise due to different reasons. Whatever be the problem, our support ensure that the customer is never troubled due to the various problems that can be faced by them when they sit to watch their favorite shows on Netflix. Our efficient Netflix Support team of technical and customer service personnel ensure that the customer’s problems are resolved at the earliest.


Routers are a very common device found in every household and workplaces as the internet today is one of the most essential necessity. Routers can come up with a number of technical issues, but it is to the credit of our Router Support engineers and technicians who are able to resolve all issues related to routers. Once contacted for Router Support, the highly efficient technical support professionals first try to provide remote help through the phone, chat or email. But if the customer continues to face problem then the Router tech support team personally take it upon themselves to sort the problem and make sure that the customer is completely satisfied with the perfect experience gained from the routers.

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